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st dangerous sci-fi / horror movie ever

2000 Sci-Fi / Horror 112 minutes

The most dangerous sci-fi horror movie ever

The storyline of Pitch Black is the most dangerous science fiction / horror movie ever

Space Hunter-Grazner transports passengers in frozen state. They include a Muslim preacher with the title of Imam, accompanied by three young sons, who travels to New Mecca, a teenager named Jack, a pair of prospectors named Shatha Wazik, a merchant named Paris, and a law enforcement officer, William. Johns, who accompanies notorious criminal Richard P. Riddick. Riddick surgically modified his eyes allowing him to see in the dark but he is extremely sensitive to light.

Delicate meteorites from the comet ruptured the ship's hull, killing the captain and pushing the ship off course. The surviving crew members attempt to land the ship on a nearby planet. When the ship collapses, docking pilot Caroline Fry tries to empty the passenger compartment to reduce their weight, but co-pilot Owens has blocked it. During the accident, many passenger compartments were destroyed and Owens was fatally wounded.

The group is exploring their surroundings, and they notice that the three suns surrounding the planet keep it in constant daylight. They find an abandoned geological research settlement, with a water well and dropship ship with depleted batteries, which killed Zeke but his body is missing and is immediately suspected in Riddick. While searching for Zeke's body, Fry barely escapes from aggressive, light-sensitive creatures underground. Johns offers Riddick a deal: if he helps them escape the planet, he'll set him free.

After the group takes a power cell to the ship, one of the young sons is ambushed and eaten inside a building, and they realize that the geologists have all been killed by the creatures. On the graph the instrument shows that the eclipse of the entire planet is very imminent and the creatures will be free to hunt above the surface of the earth. Jones informs Fry that Riddick can try dropship and Riddick. Fry reveals that Jones is actually a bounty hunter and a morphine addict.

The group returns to the crash site with its solar powered sand truck to restore more power cells for the dropship ship before the eclipse, but it begins once it gets there. Creatures flowing from the ground and tearing a scent in half. After regrouping, Riddick agrees to Fry and the others to bring them back to the ship on foot through the dark, thanks to his own sight, and the group rescues any light sources they can find to scare the creatures. The return trip to the dropship begins by accidentally cutting off the power of their light sources after Paris is killed and having them cross their paths. After Riddick reveals to the group that Jack is in fact a female and that the scent of her blood attracts the most attention from the creatures, Jones suggests that Riddick use Jack as a bait to keep the creatures away from the rest of the group, but Riddick engages Jones in a hand-to-hand fight, wounding him and leaving him as a distraction instead. The rest of the survivors rush in, while Riddick pulls energy cells behind him.

After the imam’s last child is killed and the rain begins to douse the Molotovs, the torches, the group, down to Riddick, Fry, Jack and Imam, find shelter in a small cave not far from the settlement. Riddick leaves them there and takes the energy cells to the ship. Inside the cave, they discover vital worms, which they put into empty bottles to be used as light. Fry leaves the cave and finds Riddick operating the ship, ready to leave without them. She begs him to help her save others, but surprisingly, he just offers to take her with him. Fry refuses and demands that she and Riddick come back to save the Imam and Jack. Out of awe, Riddick agrees with this decision. They find the Imam and Jack, and on his return to the ship, Riddick separated from the group and was infected by the creatures; Fry returns to help Riddick, but a creature stabs with a spear and carries him after trying to save him. Riddick arrives at the ship and waits until the last possible moment before using the engines to burn as many objects as possible. While leaving the planet, Jack Riddick asked what they should tell the authorities about him; He tells her to say that Riddick died on this planet.

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